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Mat & Destillat

Welcome to Mat & Destillat, a restaurant and cocktail bar on historic land in the heart of Lund. The best of the past and present meet here.

At Mat & Distillat, we celebrate and revitalize classic craftsmanship in the dining room and in the bar. The kitchen is an experimental workshop that prepares well-known dishes with innovative techniques and ideas, but without frills. All so that the classics taste as good as they always did, but even better. This is how we create a premium experience you remember. Now we just want to wish you a warm welcome to enjoy while we write new history together in Café og Konditori Lundagård's historic premises.

Enjoy your meal!
Church Street 17
222 22
Tel: 046-128000

Opening hours

Monday 11:30 -
Tuesday 11:30
- 22: 00
Wednesday 11:30
- 22: 00
Thursday 11:30
- 23: 00
Friday 11:30
- 00: 00
Saturday 12:00
- 00: 00

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