Lund City

Lund City

In Lund City, we have room for your dream or the next innovation!

Are you planning to establish a business in Lund City and looking for a commercial premises?
Are you a company, a start-up, a brand or an association that wishes to rent a temporary place?
We will help you further!

We cherish a rich corporate life

Within Lund Citysamverkan, we protect a rich business life with good cooperation between landlord and tenant. We work to facilitate establishments, good relationships and good contact routes.

We put you in contact with property owners who have a suitable premises and an optimal location for your particular business.

Contact us at with your wishes:

  • Industry, brand, company or association name

  • Contact

  • Concept description

  • Desired size of surface

  • Preferred access

  • Any special premises needs

  • Other special requests

We welcome you and your business to Lund City!

The property owners who are active in the Lund City collaboration include, among other things, Stena Fastigheter, Jernhusen, Paulssons Fastigheter, AF Bostäder, Castellum, Wihlborgs Fastigheter, LKF AB, LKP AB, Granitor and BLF Fastigheter.

Do you need additional help?

Within the municipality of Lund, there are many people who want to help and support you. You are welcome to contact the business pilot and the Business Unit at Lund municipality for wise advice.
Do you already have a business and have questions about outdoor dining, permits or waste? The municipality of Lund will help you answer several of these questions.

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