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Lund city is an open, cordial and innovative place where the whole world likes to meet

Citysamverkan is a collaborative organization between three parties: Handelsföreningen Lund, Fastighetsägarna Lund City and Lunds kommun, whose purpose is to strengthen Lund City in various areas. Our work is about gathering actors around long-term and sustainable development work for an even more vibrant and attractive city centre.

Lund is an open and innovative place with a unique range of restaurants, shops and cafes, in a setting of a historic city centre, the university with a rich student life, fantastic museums and beautiful architecture - a place for cordial meetings between all people.
Handelsföreningen Lund

Cooperation and development in the heart of Lund

The goal of Handelsföreningen is to increase Lund's attractiveness and contribute to development and community. Most of the business people in Lund City are in our network, and we work for both one-man companies and nationwide retail chains. The trade association promotes business activities in Lund City and functions as a hub between traders, the municipality, property owners and the media. Through Handelsföreningen, you who run a shop, restaurant, cafe or service company get the support and network you need to create a long-term, safe and sustainable business operation.

Fastighetsägarföreningen Lund City

Cooperation around route and site development as well as establishments

The association's members own properties in Lund City and work jointly for the development of the city center together with Lund municipality, the Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders. The members of the association collaborate, among other things, around site development and establishments.
Lunds kommun

We agree on the city centre!

Lund municipality is a driving and coordinated party to develop Lund's city centre. When we plan the city, we want to collaborate as much as possible with other actors, both private and public, to help each other create a sustainable, attractive and vibrant city for everyone.
The city center is for all Lund residents, Lund residents and visitors. We aim for a diversity of meeting places on different scales – both inside and outside, commercial and free.

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