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Lunda Brewery's Ölkällare

HAVE FUN WITH US! A restaurant in Lund with a focus on genuine Scanian beer from Lundabryggeriet. We are the meeting place for all beer lovers who want to eat well and drink local beer, in a hoppy and culinary atmosphere you only get to be. We organize beer tastings, pub crawls, live music and quiz nights. In November 2023, Lundabryggeriet's Ölkällare in Lund will open its doors for a second time, with a new owner and new roof as well as an updated food and drink menu. We value quality, local ingredients and traditions, and will do anything and everything to maintain the quality and carry the name with pride.

Finally the GOAST lunch in town has arrived! We offer varied and very good dishes, a meat of the week vs fish of the week every week at a price of SEK 119. We also have lunch classics available for SEK 139. Salad buffet, bread and coffee included of course!

We serve good, tasty and varied Swedish classic dishes with a Scandinavian touch. Choose your own 2-course/3-course menu for only SEK 299/399 from specially selected dishes.

...are so welcome!

We are guaranteed to be LUND'S BEST BEER BAR with a selection of beers from heaven. We offer a large selection of different types of beer with a constant "guest" assortment. In our taps you will always find a lager and an IPA, while the remaining four taps rotate with suitable varieties. The rest we have IPA/ALE, sour beer, dark beer, wheat beer and lots more. We also have cocktails, mocktails and a fantastic selection of schnapps. Come and try it!

Book a memorable experience dedicated to this thousands of years old golden drink! During the evening you are introduced to a spectrum of different beers, from the lightest to the darkest. You will learn a lot of new things, how they are brewed, the history of beer, and knowledge about how to best combine beer with food. The experience takes about 90 minutes, which includes tasting five different types of beer from Lundabryggeriet. You must be at least 18 years old. ATTENTION! At least 4 pers. Booking requests are made through the form on our website under the heading "BEER TASTING".

You will never be bored with us. We organize 2 quiz nights a month, with quizzes about everything between heaven and earth, Music, Geography, Sports, News, Film, TV and other unnecessary knowledge for all ages. Gather your friends, compete and win! We also have pub crawls, live music and lots more available.

... can be bought on site for any amount. Beer tasting? Romantic dinner for two?

- Please book a table at the quiz evenings for a guaranteed place, unfortunately we have the right to refuse guests when fully booked.
- Please book a table during holidays, Fridays and Saturdays as we are quite full.
- Come with a happy mood!

Bredgatan 25
222 21
Tel: 046-644 00

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 11:30
- 23: 00
Saturday 15:00
- 00: 00
Sunday 15:00
- 23: 00

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