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Torgets Taperia / Bakficka / Bryggeri

Torgets is a lively meeting place in the middle of central Lund. A food and drink experience in southern European style, divided into three concepts where the consistent theme is that we take food and drink very seriously. All in a pared down way with no frills. We serve home-brewed draft beer and cider, import wines, prepare everything from scratch, squeeze our own juices for the drinks - simply putting our heart and soul into what we do. Book a table today. We guarantee a pleasant atmosphere!

Torgets Taperia - A welcoming meeting place for groups of all kinds. The inviting open kitchen focuses on the best that Spain has to offer in the way of food but is not shy about unashamedly glancing at Italy and France. Everything packaged in snacks and tapas. We serve both lunch and à la carte in Taperian. On Saturday lunch, it is also possible to order from our full à la carte.

Torgets Bakfikka – A little smaller, a little simpler but at least as exciting as Taperian. Here we serve fondue in the evenings. The fondue consists of Swedish roast, red wine fondue, mixed salad, French fries and our homemade garlic bread. To make the fondue complete, several different sauces are served that we made ourselves from scratch.

Torgets Bryggeri - Welcome to a truly thirst-quenching beer! We brew all our beer ourselves below the Taperian in the cellar. Yep, you heard right, right below, in the middle of Lund's city centre. It doesn't get more local and locally produced than that. So, if you're looking for something from Spendrups, Carlsberg, Åbro, etc., you unfortunately have to go somewhere 😉 We always have faithful classics in the range and vary some varieties depending on the season. In addition, we have both our alcohol-free Trappaner and our gluten-free Sin in the range. It doesn't end here! We also brew cider - Pera pear cider. Yes, you heard, this must be experienced! Cheers!

Stortorget 9
222 23
Tel: 046-122200

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 11:30
- 23: 00
Saturday 12:00
- 23: 00

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