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The Lab by Tant Hulda

Creative environment in the middle of Lund for courses, workshops and pop-up events. See the website for programs and times.

The course premises belong to the store Tant Hulda, which is opposite, on Stora Gråbrödersgatan. The Lab is a creative environment for meetings and courses, which is available for workshops and exciting events. The furniture can be adapted for up to 15 people, complete with projector, whiteboard, kitchen and toilet.
Examples of things that can appear here:
- Training courses for both beginners and experienced knitters.
- Courses during the day as well as evenings and weekends.
- Knitting cafe for parental leave.
- A library of books with a focus on needlework and patterns.
- Activities for children during the school holidays.

Stora Gråbrödersgatan 12
222 22
Tel: 0727-199040

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
Handelsföreningen Lund

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