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Back center Lund

We treat back pain, sciatica, neck stiffness, back pain, neck and headache, migraine and shoulder pain. Common causes of back pain and neck problems can be prolonged improper loading, poor lifting, sports injuries, violence and trauma to the back and joints, stress and a combination of lifestyle problems such as too little regular exercise. For sleep problems, depression, anxiety states, phobias or long-term pain problems, we offer cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Mindfulness and MediYoga are two different methods that can help with stress and create better conditions for improving and maintaining good health. Both methods can be done either in an individual session with a therapist or in a group.
Shockwave treatment is used for problems from tendon attachments, such as pain in the shoulder from tendon changes or calcaneus, heel spurs, tennis and golfer's elbow, tendon problems, inflammation of the tendons, jumper's and runner's knees. Sometimes there are several diagnoses and several areas must be treated to get the best results.

Other methods we use in the clinic are medical laser treatment, acupuncture and various forms of exercise for rehabilitative and preventive purposes. Our team also works to improve and optimize performance, both for amateur and elite athletes.

Back center Lund

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