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Pretty Flowers in Lund AB

Sells almost exclusively flowers in season and very much locally grown (depending on the season). Shops from selected growers in Holland, France, Italy, Denmark and from our local growers here in Skåne.

With us you can buy everything that is not screwed down (with a few exceptions) ❤️ We have a strong focus on locally grown seasonal flowers and work, as far as possible, completely without chemicals.
With us you can buy cut flowers, flowering twigs, dried flowers, plants, vases and pots. But you can also buy the carpet on the floor, the armchair in the shop window, vintage coffee cups and the tables the flowers are on. We mix everything we love and go our own way. With us, the flowers are outside in the shop. We use cross drafts and an open front door to keep the temperature down in the room in a climate-smart way.
With us you can also order all imaginable flowers for weddings & flower discounts for funerals. You can subscribe to bouquets, get hold of 2 meter high flowering twigs, take courses and sign up as a business customer with fixed deliveries every week... and a lot of other things.
So, a warm welcome to the kingdom of heaven, according to Pretty Flowers 🌸


Bantorget 6
222 29 Lund
Tel: 046-2700626

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10:00
- 18: 00
Saturday 10:00
- 15: 00

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