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Ollie's Woollies

At Ollies Woollies in Lund you will find clothes in comfortable and natural materials such as wool, linen, bamboo and cotton. With us, you can order garments in a variety of colors and in models that suit all bodies, large and small. Of course, everything in the store is sustainable, traceable and beautifully produced. Welcome to us at Magle Lilla Kyrkogata or visit us at

In winter, Ollies Woollies is filled with warm and soft garments in thin merino wool, knitted sweaters and cardigans in cozy alpaca and warming accessories such as socks, shawls, mittens and hats. In spring and summer, you will find, among other things, cool linen clothes, colorful silk scarves, elegant bamboo garments and timeless basic clothes in organic cotton. You will also find appreciated gifts such as plastic-free shampoo and conditioner cakes, quality French socks, stylish bags in apple leather, handwoven linen shawls, luxurious soaps, scented candles and much more.

Some of our brands: by basics, Bleuforet, McVERDI, esencia, GR Nature, O My Bag, Himalaya Clothing, HappySoaps, Yvelis, Floryd, Sirri, English Soap Co/Kew Gardens

Magle Lilla Kyrkogata 2b
Tel: 046-14 07 77

Opening hours

Tuesday 11:00
- 18: 00
Wednesday 11:00
- 18: 00
Thursday 11:00
- 18: 00
Friday 11:00
- 18: 00
Saturday 11:00
- 15: 00

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