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Ö Hedd

A modern all-beauty shop In the heart of Lund as well as a hair salon & a cozy cafe with happy ice cream

About [Ö:hedd]
[Ö:hedd] started in 2004 on 35 square meters in the historic warehouse.
In 2019 we moved to Bangatan 8 right across from Central Station. Today we are a lovely mash up that occupies 160 square meters. Here we have created something unique.
In our store you will find handpicked products for the home, for the hair, clothes, accessories, jewellery.
We have chosen with equal parts passion & care in fashion, beauty, interior design. among unknown and known designers. In addition to that, we have a web shop to increase accessibility.
In the salon you will meet knowledgeable hairdressers who can also show you which products suit you and your hair.
In addition, you can enjoy delicious coffee in the cafe and a pantry full of goodies.
The name [Ö:hedd] comes from the English be ahead. So we discover new works and designs regularly so that your experience feels inspiring.

bangatan 8
222 21
Tel: (+046) 145 145 XNUMX

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10:00
- 19: 00
Saturday 10:00
- 18: 00
Sunday 11:00
- 17: 00

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