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Minù Vegan Goodies

We specialize in creating high quality plant-based desserts. Our journey started in 2014 when we started experimenting with unbaked desserts. Our aim was to create a more nutritious alternative to sweets by using natural ingredients such as fruit and nuts. We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients and our ability to create products that are both delicious and beautiful. Each product is handmade with care and love to create a unique taste experience. Over the years, our craft has developed and resulted in two cookbooks. We have continued to refine our recipes and now our focus is on both desserts and ice cream.

Our production is located in central Lund with a café section where you can enjoy a good lunch, drinks, luxurious desserts and ice cream. We strive to spread and develop quality herbal treats so that more people can enjoy them. Our journey now continues in a creative environment, where we explore, develop and create new products one step at a time.

Vävaregatan 17
222 36

Opening hours

Tuesday 11:30
- 17: 00
Wednesday 11:30
Thursday 11:30
- 17: 00
Friday 11:30
- 17: 30
Saturday 12:00
- 16: 00

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