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Mammut Hund & katt

Welcome to the specialty store for dogs and cats - here you will find everything you need for your friend to thrive and feel good; from the first necklace and the toy to the most comfortable sleeping place and the best food! With our solid experience with both dogs and cats, we are happy to help with both providing feed and nutrition advice and how you can best take care of your friend's health and fur.

In the shop we also have feed and accessories for both rodents and birds.

One day a week, between 12.00 and 19.00, we are open in our Kloverkstad where you can have the claws cut on dogs, cats, rodents and birds. We also have, on the same day from 15.00, a licensed veterinarian with us for vaccination of dogs and cats. For current times see our website or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.


Mammut Hund & katt

Karhögstorg 8
223 55
Tel: 046-211 21 22

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