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Love Coffee & Wine

Coffee and wine bar.

Our approach to wine is similar to coffee. We are passionate about honest expressions of terroir and true craftsmanship. Styles and characters will vary and we celebrate diversity. We like our wines free of unnecessary additives and enjoy working with small producers with the same passion as us.

We serve in glasses, sorted by color and bubbles, but also in bottles. The wine list is constantly changing according to mood, season and the evening's theme.

Our food is based on high quality ingredients that we buy locally. We try to be as inclusive as possible and have a varied selection. We change the menu regularly.

Call us on 046-252426 to book a table.

Clemenstorget 4
222 21
Tel: 046-252426

Opening hours

Monday 07:30 -
Tuesday 07:30
- 22: 00
Wednesday 07:30
- 23: 00
Thursday 07:30
- 23: 00
Friday 07:30
- 00: 00
Saturday 09:00
- 00: 00
Sunday 09:00
- 19: 00

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