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With a history that goes back 120 years Indiska one of Sweden's oldest lifestyle brands. With us you will find a unique range of fashion, interior design and accessories where the inspiration is a mixture of influences from all corners of the world and the typically Scandinavian style. Warm welcome!

With warmth and love, our designers create timeless products with a unique design. We are known for our unique designs, but what many may not know is that most of them are hand painted by our print designers. In our interior design range, we protect craftsmanship, where our furniture is handmade and we often use the traditional 'block printing' technique on our home textiles. Let us inspire you on what you can complement your wardrobe with to bring out your style and let your personality shine through. With us you will always find garments with a good fit and quality.

Stora Södergatan 4
222 23 Lund
Tel: 073-944 68 61

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10:00
- 18: 00
Saturday 10:00
- 16: 00
Sunday 12:00
- 16: 00
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