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Grand Deli

GRAND DELI - First-class grocery store Good food, ready to heat as take away or to enjoy through our catering. It's our contribution at Grand Deli to make your day easier. And to spice it up with the same gastronomic taste experience you get at the Grand Hotel. We have dishes and menus that suit one, several or many. Cooked with love, taste and character. Like our classic "Sten Broman's whiskey meatballs", and the hugely popular prawn sandwich from Grand Hotel. Pick up your lunch and dinner from us - around the corner at the Grand - or have our catering come to you.

Grand Deli

Klostergatan 11
222 22
Tel: 046-2806400

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 11:00
- 19: 00
Saturday 11:00
- 15: 00

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