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Double Double

We want to give our guests a maximalist experience with our unique mix of Chinese cuisine and free interpretations. Chinese sharing is playful dishes with great flavors at a surprisingly good price. Order a few dishes, stretch out across the tables, toast fun drinks and enjoy handmade dumplings, side dishes, salads and sauces.

TISDAG fun med ägg och ostronskivling till alla setmenyer mums
CAVA DAY Glass of cava for SEK 65 per glass, non-alcoholic, also available
EASTER THURSDAY SEK 10 each while stocks last (can also be pre-ordered)
FRIDAY BAO HOUR 16-17 AW 16-19
SATURDAY HOTPOT- Asian fondue (pre-booking only)

bangatan 4
222 21
Tel: 046-142410

Opening hours

Tuesday 17:00
- 22: 00
Wednesday 17:00
- 22: 00
Thursday 16:00
- 22: 00
Friday 16:00
- 23: 00
Saturday 17:00
- 23: 00
student discount

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