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Dos Hermanos

Dos Hermano's food & wonder bar, an everyday fiesta with a taste of Central America. In our premises, you should feel like you have come to a small family restaurant, a cantina with heat on the menu, flavors that will take you to a warm place when you eat and the feeling of a craft. Cooling drinks with a taste and appearance that make you long for a beach somewhere in Central America, mythology and history on the walls, a "siesta" in everyday life.

We offer well-prepared classics and well-known small dishes from, among other places, Mexico. A warm welcome to try Central American food with well-selected ingredients and lots of love. A dinner that is perfect for those of you who love to share good things.

Östra Vallgatan 3
223 61
Tel: 046-144010

Opening hours

Wednesday 17:00
- 23: 00
Thursday 17:00
- 23: 00
Friday 17:00
- 23: 00
Saturday 17:00
- 23: 00

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