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Ariman - Lund's alternative tribal joint Ariman is an established institution and meeting place for culture and people. And ever since its inception in 1983 has been one of Lund's most well-visited cafés and bars - a meeting place for Lund's students and for the alternative Lund. It still is but with a wider audience. With us you will find everything from lunches, coffee, cakes, Kombucha, juices to a wide range of beers, cocktails and evening menu. We are open 7 days a week almost all year round, days, evenings, nights and all weekends with the exception of a couple of big weekends.

At the long-established Ariman, everything from grilled hot sandwiches, well-filled foccacia, wraps, buttered bread, Currywurst, cold smoked salmon with potato salad, etc. is offered. And not to forget; the affordable vegetarian pie with the incredible mushroom sauce - the recipe is of course secret.
The tradition of the classic Ariman pastries, the famous carrot cake, the vegan Snickers box, brownies with hazelnuts, muffins, cookies and sometimes apple cake continues to keep up.
From the eighties originates the warm baguettes that generations of Lunda residents have enjoyed over the years: how about Brie, banana and mango chutney, dripping, temptingly hot?

Games are available where chess and backgammon are the favourites. Some of the board games are painted on the tables in the gallery, including Ariman's own Monopoly - you can sit and cuddle as long as you want. It's a nice oasis in a busy world, a place for socializing, cozy meetings, first dates and alone time, all at once.

From the small stage, everything from music quizzes, poetry, literature evenings, stand up, "open stage", story time for the children, improvisational theatre, rainbow evenings to music arrangements is delivered. Music performed by all age groups in all genres by more or less well-known musicians. It happens that we run the occasional club with nice DJs and dancing.
Almost every Thursday our dear house band plays jazz and on Wednesdays the back part of the pub is occupied by Ariman's own crochet club where everyone is welcome to do needlework of any kind. The calendar is full of culture and music with almost always free admission.

Ariman has an art gallery where about once a month we have a new artist exhibiting their work. If you are interested in exhibiting your art and having an opening in connection with it, contact Nora at

You can exchange books in the bookshelf at the far end of the room. Leave a book and take a new one home. There is also a collection of leftover yarn where you can leave what you have left over from home and everyone is welcome to bring yarn if there is something you like.

All of Ariman's furniture is second-hand, including the majority of the table tops, some of which come from old tables from a large department store in Malmö. If you have chairs, armchairs or tables you want to donate to us, please get in touch.

...are welcome!

Ormus and Ariman are two powers in the pre-Islamic dualistic Persian religion that was probably founded by Zoroaster/Zarathustra in the 500th century (this is what science wants to relativize) before Christ. Ormus is the good power, Ariman the evil (a Persian at one point asked why the place was named the Devil). These fighting opposites are equally strong, like yin and yang, neither can prevail.
At the end of the story, however, Ahura Mazda, the supreme god, will step in and destroy evil.
It seems to take a while... Although René and Lisbeth who named Ariman have, according to reliable sources, mainly thought of Carl Jonas Love Almqvist's 'Ormus and Ariman', which in turn made a connection to the bureaucracy he himself encountered in connection with his own involvement in various legal case.

-We do not accept table reservations. It is first come, first served!
-Limited seats in front of the stage so arrive in time before the event.
-We have zero tolerance for violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, etc.

Kungsgatan 2
223 50

Opening hours

Monday 11:00 -
Tuesday 11:00
- 01: 00
Wednesday 11:00
- 01: 00
Thursday 11:00
- 01: 00
Friday 11:00
- 02: 00
Saturday 11:00
- 02: 00
Sunday 13:00
- 21: 00
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