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Annika Karp Couture

Master tailor with journeyman's and master's certificate in both women's and men's tailoring. We cut your prom dress, sew your mother's wedding dress, cut the lapels, mend your favorite jeans and make other changes of all kinds. New garments are also created in the tailoring and we have a large selection of fabrics of the highest quality. Bespoke suits, tailcoats, tuxedos & uniforms for sale. Embroidered doctor's collars. Welcome in! Tues-Fri 10-16:30, lunch 12:30-13:30, Fridays 12-14.
Fredsgatan 2
222 20
Tel: 046 133537

Opening hours

Tuesday 10:00
- 16: 30
Wednesday 10:00
- 16: 30
Thursday 10:00
- 16: 30
Friday 10:00
- 16: 30
Handelsföreningen Lund

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