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Saluhallen has been a culinary meeting place in the heart of Lund since 1909. Here you will find delicatessens with fish, cured meats, cheese, chocolate, bread, vegetables and more. Systembolaget houses one floor up. In the hall there are also several restaurants with food from all over the world. This summer, some of our businesses have moved to Botulfsplatsen and are open Wednesday - Friday.

When the market hall, whose slender inner iron structures were erected by Carl Holmberg's mechanical workshop, was inaugurated in 1909, it consisted of a large main hall and two smaller halls for cheese and fish. The sales hall quickly became a meeting place for everyone who valued good food and fine ingredients. The hall has been renovated in stages and underwent the last change in 2009-2011 with an older original shop part and a new restaurant part with large glass sections facing Botulfplatsen.

- HOLMGRENS CHARK has operated in the hall since the opening in 1909 with its own production of charcuterie. In modern times, they have come to be particularly known for Lundaknaken, the sausage that this year got to represent Lund in SVT's long-distance runner På spåret.
- MALMSTENS FISK is run by the Malmstens brothers, who with their know-how and commitment have become an obvious target for fish lovers.
- OSTHUSET has just celebrated its 30th anniversary and continues to boast a wide range of specially selected cheeses and great know-how.
- GATEAU, the artisan bakery with lovely sourdough bread, cakes, pastries and other goodies.
- AHLGRENS CONFECTIONERY, which with its own chocolaterie constantly surprises with delicious novelties in the flavors of the season.
- PETERSBORG'S FARM SHOP has its own production of mustard and sells Swedish food crafts, with an extra focus on Österlen.
- AZIZ TURKISH DELIKATES itself imports spices, nuts, dried fruit etc from Turkey and also sells Turkish porcelain and coffeeware.
- THE SYSTEM COMPANY speaks for itself. Located on the second floor and open Thursday and Friday an hour longer than the hall and entrance is from Botulfsplatsen. Opening hours: MON-WED 10-18, THURS-FRI 10-19, SAT 10-15.

Inside the old part:
- VIETCUISINE, family-run restaurant with well-prepared classic dishes from Vietnamese cuisine.
- GREEN DELI is known for its wraps, salads and smoothies and has also offered grilled wraps for some time.
- SUGAR SPICE is a North African gem with selected dishes made from scratch and fantastic pastries and cakes.
- THAIWAY has been operating in Lund for a long time and serves food from the Thai kitchen.

Inside the new part are the larger restaurants that stay open even after the Saluhallen closes.
- MALMSTENS KÖK is a very popular fish restaurant with well-prepared dishes from the sea, oyster cold and mussel evenings in season.
- ALFREDOS PASTA FRESCA has been an institution for Lunda residents since it opened in 1985. Fresh pasta and Italian delicacies, cheese and charcuterie are made and sold here. But perhaps the most popular are the lunch pasta and the iconic large pizzas that are sold by the slice.
- PISTACHIO is a family restaurant that is run with great love for Persian cuisine. Here you can enjoy well-prepared Persian dishes and barbecue with a focus on good ingredients and authentic flavors.
- OLD FRENCH is a French bistro with influences from all over Europe. Here you can find classic dishes such as raw beef and Moules Frites, selected wines and delicious drinks. Has a nice outdoor seating area with afternoon sun.

Mårtenstorget 1
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Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10:00
- 18: 00
Saturday 10:00
- 15: 00

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