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Dare! Comedy goes Ariman!

LEGENDARY comedy club Dare! Comedy is back at the equally LEGENDARY Café Ariman in Lund. Anna Pardo will be seen and heard on stage! Damian Alin! Tomas Ahlbeck! Mats Bergström [...]
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The right to Folkbildningen

Is public education in danger? Will more study associations and folk high schools have to close down their activities? Folk education has had a central place in creating modern Sweden. Folkbildningen has offered learning, [...]
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The children's book hour at Lund's book fair

Author Stina Larsson presents the children's book class at Lund's book fair. Speakers: Marianne Petrén, Linda Andersson, Carin Hammarberg, Lotte Vikléa, Mao Zybamba, Ulf Persson, Lisa Fry etc. For children of different ages.
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Need Women's Stories?

What are Women's Stories? And why are they important? A warm welcome to this panel discussion at the Lund Book Fair. Interview participant: Annika Andebark, initiator of the Women's Histories Collection Foundation, lawyer and author of the novel "Oväsen i Älvdalen". [...]
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Melting Pot Comedy #41

International comedy with pro comedians and the best up and coming acts. All in English. All for free! Doors open 19:30. Lineup Elvira Gullis Gullberg (SWE)Elvira performs musical comedy about [...]
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