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Organizer: Lund's Nature Conservation Society

Endangered plants in Botan

The botanical garden in Lund runs a conservation project with the cultivation of some of Skåne's threatened wild plants. Gardener Joel Levin shows the plantations and talks about the project. We are also looking at a [...]
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Flora walk at Löddesnäs

We go out to the coast and visit the coastal grasslands around Löddesnäs in northwestern Bjärred. Under the guidance of Staffan Nilsson, we study the area's plants. We start from the Trollsjövägen bus stop and [...]
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Change of clothes day at the City Library

Changing clothes is good for the environment. At last year's clothing exchange days organized by the Nature Conservation Society, as many as 40 garments changed hands, which saved the environment large emissions of chemicals and carbon dioxide. In [...]
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Cycling day on Stortorget

In collaboration with the Technical Administration, Lund's Nature Conservation Association organizes a cycling day, when we stand on Stortorget with various cycling activities between 10 a.m. and 14 p.m. We also award the prize to the "Year's [...]
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What is a 1,5° lifestyle like?

Lund's Nature Protection Association organizes this workshop on climate footprint with the help of researchers from Lund University and their project "EU 1,5° Lifestyles". Participants will get to play a special climate puzzle, which shows [...]
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Lund's tree strategy

What do trees mean for a sustainable city, and how can you design a tree strategy for Lund municipality? Lund's new tree strategist Johan Larsson talks about this in a meeting organized by [...]
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Nature snookers in the City Park

"Natursnokarna" is the Nature Conservation Society's activity for children between 3 and 10 years of age and their adults. Lund's Nature Protection Association is now starting a Nature Snok activity with three meetings during the autumn. Leader is Erica Wild. The start [...]
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Landscape walk Genarp–Veberöd

Lund's Nature Conservation Association organizes a landscape walk led by geologist Joachim Regnéll and landscape scientist Nils Wallin. We hike from Genarp to Veberöd and learn how the landscape in the area has changed over time. [...]
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Kick-off meeting for Lund's Nature Conservation Association

At the kick-off meeting for Lund's Nature Protection Association, members of the board talk about how the association works and give an account of the autumn's activities. We also present our working groups – the climate group, the cycling group, the planning group and the group for [...]
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