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Organizer: LIMUS Music School and MoV (Mozart's Friends)

LIMUS Floral summer concerts

Stadshallen is Lund's new stay room. Easily accessible, Botulfshörnan invites you to drop-in to these two concerts. We are experimenting with new forms of audience participation, so be prepared for some new ideas. [...]
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Romance owns

Music written in the 1800th century? Do today's young people want to play like that? Can they even do that? On LIMUS Music School's journey through time, which started with Bach, we have arrived at the romantic era. [...]
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LIMUS LIVE Ensemble concerts

LIMUS Music School's teachers are professionals at creating smaller and larger temporary ensembles where students can develop. It's fun to play together and you can hear it at these two concerts! [...]
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LIMUS Contemporary

Every two years, LIMUS Music School offers a major concert devoted to contemporary music. This year the focus is entirely on contemporary female composers. You can expect dedicated young musicians, [...]
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Drop-in body percussion with Gabriele Katthän

Body percussion suits everyone who likes music: young and old, seasoned as above, gymnasts, couch potatoes and even those who think they have no sense of rhythm at all. Gabriele Katthän, classical pianist and [...]
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