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From Miss Meijer to Mrs. Thomander

Welcome to viewing! In January 1834, Emilie Meyer leaves her parental home in Karlshamn to move in as Mrs. Thomander on Paradisgatan in Lund. Her new husband Johan Henrik Thomander [...]
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Another world - art from Sankt Lars hospital

In the exhibition Another World - Art from Sankt Lars Hospital, approximately 70 works of art created by patients admitted to Sankt Lars Hospital, from the 1880s and a hundred years on, are displayed. They [...]
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The people in the houses

Welcome to viewing! You get a taste of some of the exciting stories that exist about our houses and the people who once lived in them. How did, for example, live [...]
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Midsummer celebration/Midsummer Celebration

Welcome to the traditional midsummer celebration with dancing around the midsummer pole! / Welcome to Kulturen's traditional midsummer celebration! Midsummer celebration at Kulturen in Lund At 12.45 we put flowers in the midsummer pole together. At 13, [...]
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Winter Miracle with Theater Carpa

A show about friendship and whether you can really be three best friends? When Julia finds a magical compass that leads to a jewel, she believes that a believable and exciting [...]
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Show for children about the Middle Ages

Welcome to viewing! What exciting things have the archaeologists found in Lund's underground? Culture educators take the children on a journey back in history and examine a selection of objects [...]
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Sports holiday activities with drop-in

Welcome to tinker in our brand new workshop! We make fairy-tale swans out of paper, inspired by HC Andersen's tale of The Ugly Duckling. In our educational workshop, next to the play exhibition in [...]
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Light in the darkness through the ages

Welcome to viewing! Join a display of the open-air museum that sheds light on the history of lighting. How was Blekingegården's big house lit up on a dark winter evening in 1815? What kind of mysterious [...]
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History of the Dean's House

Welcome to viewing! The dean's house is the oldest house at Kulturen Friluftsmuseet, some parts are as old as the 1200th century. The house represents a medieval residence for a dean, the dean's closest man in the canon community at the cathedral in [...]
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Crafting with drop-in!

In folk art there are lots of imaginative images of horses. Today we are inspired by some of these and make our own variations in paper. Suitable for children from 5 years in adult [...]
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Weapons - power over life

Welcome to viewing! Weapons have been part of human culture from the earliest Stone Age to the present. With the help of weapons, man has gained the power to rule over lives that [...]
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