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Summer Theatre: The Secret of the Night's Watchmen

The secret of the night watchmen - a magical and musical theater performance in the summer evening, for everyone from 7 years old! Played outdoors on three different playing fields in the middle of the historic house of culture, when the museum has closed [...]
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Västra Vram's vicarage

Welcome to viewing! Have you ever visited the whitewashed house with blue painted window frames, which is on the right side of the tunnel? It is Västra Vram's vicarage, which was built in the middle of the 1700th century. Welcome [...]
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An introduction to 2 twenties

Welcome to viewing! With a hundred years of perspective, we can look back at the 1920s; the "new age" after the First World War and a worldwide pandemic (the Spanish flu). This time was on many [...]
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History of the open-air museum

Welcome to viewing! Kulturen opened its doors in 1892 and was then one of the world's first open-air museums. The founder's name was Georg Karlin. His vision was a stay and playful museum where [...]
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Life in the Thomander house

Welcome to viewing! In the beautiful grey-blue house in the middle of Kulturens friluftsmuseum, the Thomander family once lived - Johan Henrik and Emilie moved in as newlyweds in 1833-34. Johan Henrik [...]
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Playful time travel

Our playful time travel is a family show, where the audience is taken to three different playgrounds outdoors in the museum park. Love can be wonderful, but hard to capture. In all ages, people have [...]
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Drop-in Craft: The Little Mermaid's Seahorses

Welcome to tinker in our brand new workshop! Today, the toy is inspired by the depths of the sea and the tale of the Little Mermaid. Feel free to visit the play exhibition HC Andersen's fairytale world to come [...]
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Metropolis – Lund and the Middle Ages

Welcome to viewing! This display in the exhibition Metropolis - Lund and the Middle Ages takes us back to the exciting Middle Ages, when Lund was a powerful church city. We investigate how the city functioned [...]
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The people in the houses

Welcome to viewing! You get a taste of some of the exciting stories that exist about our houses and the people who once lived in them. How did, for example, live [...]
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Organ concert in Bosebo church

Skåne's organ weeks started in 1981 and focuses on fine organs within Lund's diocese. The organ in Bosebo church at Kulturen is from the late 1700th century. ATTENTION! In Bosebo church, built in 1652, [...]
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Hygiene and health

Welcome to viewing! What was considered sufficient hygiene 300 years ago and what is considered to be today are two completely different things. How was it actually done in the past, [...]
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Life in the Arbetarbostaden

Welcome to viewing! Almost 100 years ago, Siri and Nils Andersson moved into the ground floor of what we today call Kulturens Arbetarbostad. When the apartment became a museum, it was decided [...]
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Open in the evening until 20 pm

Open air museum, park and exhibitions The open air museum at Kulturen in Lund is filled with culturally historic houses and outdoor environments that you can visit. Here you can get an idea of ​​how people have lived [...]
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Fashion and art in the twenties

Welcome to viewing! "Modern" is the new word in the 1920s. Short skirts and short hair are fashionable. The new woman—the tomboy, la garconne, the flapper—pursues a youthful style. [...]
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Light in the darkness through the ages

Welcome to viewing! Join a display of the open-air museum that sheds light on the history of lighting. How was Blekingegården's big house lit up on a dark winter evening in 1815? What kind of mysterious [...]
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Weapons - power over life

Welcome to viewing! Weapons have been part of human culture from the earliest Stone Age to the present. With the help of weapons, man has gained the power to rule over lives that [...]
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