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Become friends with your mobile

OSB! Wed 13/9 is moved to Saturday 9/9 (11-12 iPhone, 12.10-13.10 Android) Do you want to learn more about the digital world and the possibilities with your mobile or tablet? In cooperation [...]
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Study circle in social media

Social media are forums for people to communicate with each other, share images and information. Some popular social media are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Do you want to learn more about social [...]
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Horror-themed Read-a-thon! Sit and read quietly with others, or have coffee and talk books with our Culture Crew. Thursday 2 November 17-19.30pm in Oasen For young people aged 16-22 Dropin
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Book tips for parental leave

Welcome to a morning where we recommend all kinds of books - everything from musty adult novels to fine-tuned picture books. If you have your own book recommendations, please share them. [...]
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From world war to cyber war

In recent years, the internet has gained a bad reputation, as a place where hate, lies, extremism and conspiracy theories thrive. How did it happen - and what can we do about [...]
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Author identity in a new country

In Syria, Ali Alabdallah worked as a television reporter and journalist. In 2013 he moved to Sweden, and after only four years he published his first book in Swedish, "New job in [...]
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DNA analyzes tell

An evening on the theme of what DNA analyzes can tell us about our history. Karin Bojs, writer and science journalist, talks about Europe's mothers, Europe's fathers and Torbjörn Ahlström, professor of historical osteology, tells [...]
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About tinnitus

Hear Sebastian Waechter, leg. audiologist and doctor of clinical medicine, lecture on tinnitus. The lecture will focus on how tinnitus occurs, whether it can be measured objectively, and which treatment methods [...]
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Collaborative foresight

To navigate, innovate and ultimately – do business in today's landscape we need the front runners as well as we need the slower moving giant. We need the analysts and [...]
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I have mopped enough floors

Nina van den Brink lectures based on her latest book, August prize-winning I have dried enough many floors: a biography of Maja Ekelöf. The book is a story about an outstanding woman, a [...]
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Digital workshop

Come and try Text Adventure where we create our own digital adventures. Together we explore storytelling and game creation. For children between 9-12 years. Register in advance at or on 046-3596784. Free. 
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