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The Loop Talk - Gautam Ramdurai

Join us for Level Two's premiere “Level Two Talk” featuring Gautam Ramdurai as our premiere speaker! Start a journey of transformation with insights from Gautam's global experience at Google and YouTube. Learn [...]
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Reading aloud in the City Hall

Welcome to the City Hall for reading aloud. Mondays 15.00 we welcome children and parents to listen to fairy tales in different languages. We read about 2 books together then you can [...]
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Four-day work week - this is how you do it!

We live in challenging times. Many people experience stress, exhaustion and imbalance in life. After the summer, we at Altitude Meetings made the decision to reduce our working hours - but still be [...]
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5 cases

5 items are back! The goal of 5 things is for us to become a little wiser by learning from each other. The concept is simple: three invited guests get 25 minutes of [...]
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Late Night Lund - When reality surpasses poetry

This evening we are talking about the progress of terror and its consequences. Magnus Ranstorp, terrorism researcher at the Norwegian Defense Academy. Current with the autobiography "From the front lines of terror". How does he view the situation in Sweden? Anders [...]
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