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The climbing center in Malmö

Klättercentret i Malmö på fredag den 19/7! Skicka intresseanmälan till Ni kommer få en blankett skickad till er. När blanketten är ifylld skickar ni den till oss och efter [...]
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Sunburn in the City Park

Sunburn is this summer's big youth initiative where all our meeting places for young people move their activities to Stadsparken. Three containers form the very core of Sunburn's youth area. Here we offer activities, creative activities, [...]
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Go kart

GoKart nu på torsdag 18/7! Skicka intresseanmälan till Ni kommer få en blankett skickad till er, när vi får tillbaka ifylld blankett och ni får bekräftelse av oss är [...]
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Try powerlifting

We at Lund's TK will organize three training sessions where we will teach powerlifting. We go over technique, rules and train together. We also organize a try-on competition with prizes for [...]
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Boardwalk Summer Skate Camp 2024

Boardwalk Skate Camp for children and young people between the ages of 9 and 15 Do you want to learn to skateboard or develop yourself in skateboarding? Then you are warmly welcome to Boardwalk [...]
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Cycling on Ven with Sunburn

Join Sunburn, Lund's summer activity for young people, on a full day at Ven! We cycle around the island together. We stop and eat a light lunch that we take with us. If [...]
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Sommarlund: The tiger and the cobra

The Grammy-nominated hit Tigern & Kobran makes music for the whole family. Incredibly good and impossible to stand still! A live show filled with partying, dancing, superheroes, burglars, dogs and of course, fire trucks. But [...]
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Summer disco in Stadsparken

Hello everyone! Get ready for the MOST FUN NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE! On Wednesday 3/7, Lov i Lund's holiday trainees will organize a disco in Stadsparken together with Sunburn. 🌈🌷 Disco [...]
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Extreme Zone in Malmö

On Wednesday 3/7 we go to Extreme Zone in Malmö, join us! Expressions of interest are sent to the email address by guardians. The excursion is for young people between 12-18 years old, we take [...]
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Sommarlund: Keep it safe with _ReAct

The audience gathers at the starting point, the excitement rises, everyone is ready to try or see something new... It's a performance in motion! What can I expect? What are the rules? Is [...]
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