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Ghost stories

Appropriately frightening stories, tales and pranks, where some attract laughter, others horror and some make you think. It is innovative narrative theatre, which is performed in direct contact with the audience. It is [...]
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Autumn holidays – Creepy places

Join us and discover the nastiest places in the museum! Join us on a tour of some of the nastiest places in the museum. We visit places that are said to be haunted and tell [...]
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Autumn holidays at the Historical Museum

At the Historical Museum, you can experience horrors throughout the autumn holiday week and learn more about, among other things, death, the plague, graves and whether you can eat mummies! Every day at 12.15 p.m. [...]
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Ghost tunnel

Test your nerves in Botulfsplatsen's ghost tunnel. The old bus roofs are transformed into a scary ghost tunnel during the weekend of 4–5 Nov. Take courage as you head into a [...]
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Fall Holiday - Spooky fall holiday drop-in puzzle

Welcome to autumn holiday crafts in our temporary educational workshop! We make scary ghost figures and pastel drawings on black paper, in our temporary educational workshop on the ground floor of Ystadhuset (no. 26 on the visitor map). Suitable for children [...]
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Welcome everyone to a wonderful Trollland with games and fun during the autumn holidays from 1 to 4 November! Lov in Lund is always cool. Dog patrol, a LOL doll and a lovely [...]
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Lund Fantastic Film Festival

Welcome to 2023's edition of LUND FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL, where we watch weird, amazing and creepy genre films from all around the world together! Join us for a week full [...]
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Lilla Lund reads: Create essence

What would you look like if you were an entity or fantasy creature? Come and create masks, get your face painted and tinker with us based on fantasy and mythology. Drop in. [...]
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Horror-themed Read-a-thon! Sit and read quietly with others, or have coffee and talk books with our Culture Crew. Thursday 2 November 17-19.30pm in Oasen For young people aged 16-22 Dropin
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Meet Laban the Little Ghost

Little Ghost Laban is a nice little ghost who lives in the royal castle Gomorronsol with his little sister Labolina, mother Ghost & father Ghost. Laban dreams of becoming [...]
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Run for your life

Experience the zombie apocalypse for real in Lund. Without warning we had to evacuate the safe camp. There was complete panic among all the civilians. The order was: Take yourselves to the collection point. Where [...]
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The Dropouts

Welcome to Skåne's most dangerous circus and a new dance performance by Jo Strømgren. It is not easy to do circus. Usually only those who do the same old number, on the same [...]
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Matt Strandberg

The popular author Mats Strandberg comes to the City Library in Lund to talk about how to write horror. In the autumn of 2023, he is currently working both with the youth book Pestblommor and the film Konferensen, [...]
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