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Book tips for parental leave

We recommend books for adults and children - everything from hard-hitting adult novels to charming children's books. If you have your own book recommendations, please share them! We offer coffee [...]
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Baby song

Come and meet other babies and their adults as we sing, rhyme and rhyme together. For children up to 1 year. Free entry, no pre-registration required.
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Change of clothes day

One of the most eco-friendly ways to renew your wardrobe is to swap clothes with others. Come and join the Clothes Exchange Day at Lund's city library! Submit garments you are tired of [...]
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World Poetry Day

The Poetry Days association presents the World Poetry Day, its annual program where poets from abroad read and talk to the audience. We think it is important to extend and replicate the poetry worldwide. The poem lets [...]
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Book circle for parental leave

Do you want to have a new reading experience and share it with other people on parental leave? We offer coffee and lay out blankets and toys for the children while we talk about the book. The book [...]
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Come and dance away with us! The day can feel gray and colourless, but not inside the Story Cabinet! Come with your child and swing around, swing around - sounds, lights and [...]
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Genealogy Day

10.00 – 11.00: Get help from experienced genealogists to get started with or progress with your genealogy research. 11.00: Having another father in old age: Taking help [...]
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