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Lund Choral Festival: Tenebrae

Lund Choral Festival welcomes international choral giants! British Tenebrae have a CV to impress. Among other things, they have sung on some of the world's most reputable stages and festivals, nominated for [...]
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Lund Choral Festival: Music Festival

An atmospheric musical high fair where Gothenburg Cathedral's Girls' Choir and girls' choirs from the region take part. They perform music that they have practiced together during Saturday's workshop.
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Lund Choral Festival: Vocal ensemble NOSTRA

The vocal ensemble NOSTRA invites you to the world of Hildegard of Bingen, the medieval multigenius, abbess, doctor, writer, mystic and fashion model who is also one of our earliest composers. Lund's monastery church is filled with [...]
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Lund Choral Festival: Mozart's Requiem

Lund gets a nice visit from Germany when one of our absolute favorite choirs is on the program! Conductor Daniel Zimmermann brings the Michaeliskantorei Kaltenkirchen choir to Lund to perform Mozart's beloved [...]
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Lund Choral Festival: Gothenburg Cathedral's Girls' Choir

Gothenburg Cathedral's Girls' Choir is welcomed to the choral festival for a lunchtime concert, workshop and music festival. The girls' choir is part of Gothenburg Cathedral's large choir and has been led since 1995 by Petter Ekberg. The choir has besides [...]
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Lund Choral Festival: Lund Cathedral Choir

Lund's boys' choir was founded in 1976 by Eva Svanholm Bohlin. The choir was then called the Cantarelles and was part of Lund's municipal music school. In 1987, the operation was moved to Lund Cathedral and the choir changed its name [...]
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Lund Choral Festival: The Gesualdo Six

Award-winning, with an impeccable sound - and also fans on social media! The Gesualdo Six consists of six of Britain's most skilled singers who together create an outstanding whole. Led by [...]
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Lund Choral Festival: Choral marathon

Last year's driving marathon success is back! Experience the joy of driving and the local driving life in a driving marathon in Lund's All Saints Church. Come by and listen, for a while or longer, when each choir gets to sing 2-3 [...]
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Lund Choral Festival: KRITA

KRITA is a five-part a cappella group consisting of singers Simon Bergvide, Love Becker, Molly Andersson, Josefin Bejstam and Linnea Lindström. Since the band's founding in 2017, they have several times toured [...]
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Lund Choral Festival: Carolinae Voices

Now is the time to act against the dark waves and spread the healing power of the song in a thousand threads. At the Lund Choral Festival Carolinae Röster performs the choir Mycelium Music. The work explores [...]
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Lund Choral Festival: The Torna Choir

Tornakören is a mixed choir consisting of approximately 50 members and gets its name from Tornavägen in Lund. The choir balances between the classical and the innovative, between seriousness and [...]
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Lund Choral Festival: Svanholm Singers

The Svanholm Singers from Lund have established themselves as one of Sweden's most prominent male choirs. The choir consists of 20 singers and has been led since 2001 by Sofia Söderberg. Light voices in combination [...]
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The show festival

Partially new concept! This year the Visfestivalen is arranged both in Dalby and Lund! Program Saturday 24 August Mikael Rickfors Trio Club Kattegatt (DK-S) Jonatan Stensson Hans Stengård Erik Stigs Orkester (DK) [...]
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Exposition & Solymus – musical characters

Before the evening's sing-along with Rickard Söderberg, LIMUS warms up with locally produced classical music. A world champion on the accordion, a classical guitarist and two pianists have devised a program of exciting [...]
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