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Wilmer X has celebrated a full 45 years as a band and had time to play their 1000th gig. Impressive numbers! The band did just their thousandth concert in front of a gigantic crowd at Sweden Rock and the same year they broke the audience record at the Malmö Festival. It is on stage that Wilmer X is still one of Sweden's absolute best acts!

In the fall of 2022, a 17-year wait was over, then Wilmer X released the album "More for your money" and proved once again that they are one of the country's most vital rock bands. Then followed a tour that for the most part was completely sold out, in some places the tickets sold out in a few minutes. In the spring of 2024, new music awaits and before Christmas they have just released a traditional Christmas song in the spirit of Wilmer, "Jorden runt i jul".

Wilmer X took his first steps under the name Wilmer Pitt in the late seventies. A name whose ending was soon changed to the somewhat less sensational X. The debut album was recorded in the legendary Svenska Popfabriken in Klippan by the equally legendary demon producer Pål Spektrum. After that, the stone was rolling, and as you know, no moss grows on rolling stones. Pure and unadulterated love for the music has been the foundation of the solid relationship between Wilmer and the fans. Those who have been with since the beginning, those who got hooked a little later and those who have just experienced the drastically raised blood pressure that follows hearing "Kör dej död" for the first time.

Nisse Hellberg, vocals and guitar
Jalle Lorensson, harmonica
Thomas Holst, bass
Sticky Bomb, drums
Janne Lindén, guitar

Dates, Times, Location

Saturday 13 April 2024, at 20:00

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