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Henrik Venant plays and narrates

Welcome to celebrate the release of the book "Vi kan inte dö - Henrik Venant, Heartwork Records and the punk scene in Malmö/Lund".

Henrik Venant tells memories and anecdotes and plays some songs from his long career.

The book is sold on site, take the opportunity to get it signed!

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When punk came to Malmö and Lund, things happened that reverberated all over the country. Instead of waiting for someone to do it for them, young people created venues, organized concerts, designed posters, booked tours, printed fanzines and built record labels.

Heartwork Records was founded by Henrik Venant, but the circle around the label was a creative collective melting pot with bands such as TT Reuter, Garbochock, Cortex, Underjordiska Lyxorkester and many more.

The book tells the whole story of Heartwork, disc by disc, from the recording of the first single in 1977 until 2024, with images that in many cases have never been published before. It is created by Karl G Jönsson, Mats Eriksson Dunér, Jonas Ellerström and Petter Lönegård.

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