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Vernissage: Master's students from the University of the Arts in Malmö

Now we welcome the School of Art in Malmö to the Sketches Museum!

The Art College in Malmö is an internationally renowned art education that belongs to Lund University. The mission includes that the art school must be interdisciplinary and international. The education is both practical and theoretical, without subject-oriented departments. The students work independently within the subject of liberal arts and with a focus on their own development of their artistic practice. The curriculum is flexible and individual. It is on the student's initiative that meetings with teachers take place.

Every year the School of Art's master's students hold a solo exhibition at one of the school's two galleries in Malmö. The exhibitions are the culmination of a two-year education. The students work in several different media: painting, installation, photography, sculpture, performance, video and many more. This year, the fifteen graduating students also show work at the Sketches Museum. The students themselves have chosen the location and what they want to show. Here we now find their works among works in the museum's collection or in other unexpected places in the museum.

In the exhibition participates Amanda Moberg, Anne Sofie Djernis, Anton Kai, Juju Bento, Karolina Bergman Engman, Kristyan Nicholson, Oda O Haugerud and Stella Sieber.

Free entrance, opening at 18.30.

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