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Spring concert with the LTH choir and Capella Lundensis

You don't want to miss this! Welcome to the spring's most anticipated concert where the LTH choir and Cappella Lundensis perform Miss Popularis and other fun.

Miss Popularis was composed by Mårten Jansson in 2015, for choir and string orchestra. The fair's five movements are inspired by Swedish folk music and include a Polish, schottis, walking song and bakmes. We look forward to performing this amazing music for you!

The concert is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes long with a break in the middle.
Price: Ordinary SEK 150, student SEK 100. Children under 12 enter free.

About the LTH choir
The LTH choir is a mixed student choir, most characterized by its great variety in the repertoire, where each semester presents challenges in the form of new songs from many different genres. Recently, the choir has had concert themes such as Party, Tones from all corners of the world and Film music.

About Cappella Lundensis
Cappella Lundensis is a chamber orchestra based in Lund that constantly seeks new challenges and works in widely different musical contexts — from symphony to big band jazz, from requiem to Viennese waltz. The core and center of gravity lies in chamber music.

In collaboration with Sensus.

Dates, Times, Location

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  • The hall of the university building
  • The LTH choir
  • Price: 100 kr

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