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Tomas Andersson Wij

At the end of the summer, Tomas Andersson Wij entered the studio with some of the country's leading jazz musicians. The first sample from that session was the song "Still Got the Blues from Sweden", which is being played extensively on the radio right now. On December 15, the next single will be released, the album's title track "Sad songs make me happy", where Tomas describes the importance of music in his life and lists "sad songs" that make him happy. From Lina Sandell's "Just a day" to Allan Edwall's "The little stream" and Laleh's "A moment on earth".

"I have begun to realize that music is my religion. It is where I seek comfort, strength and inspiration. The more violent and politicized society becomes, the more the concert halls appear like churches. A bright and unifying place. One of the few places in society where people still meet beyond opinions and positions," says Tomas Andersson Wij.

During his 25 years as an artist, Andersson Wij's songs have filled many concert halls. Few Swedish artists have toured as much as he has. And in the spring he sets out on a new journey, together with the pianist who has been by his side in recent years, Andreaz Hedén, and the acclaimed jazz musician Nils Berg on saxophone, clarinet and flute. The trio did a couple of summer concerts together with such a good aftertaste that they have now booked a whole tour, which will now come to Lund's Stadsteater in Lund on April 5th 2024.

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