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Tjuvjakt is one of Sweden's most creative and multi-faceted hip-hop acts and has, among other things, won the GAFFA award "Breakthrough of the Year" and received numerous nominations in P3 Gold and Grammys. With five full-length albums, two mixtapes and an EP, they have earned a place in the hearts of audiences across the country with their high-energy performances.

In 2023, the band turned ten years old as a group, this is celebrated with two album releases - the acclaimed album "Lov att leva" which was released in the spring and the latest, self-titled album "Tjuvjakt" - a tribute to the group's roots. The record contains collaborations with greats such as ADAAM, Bell, Parham and Alexander Juneblad and Alexis Weak. A decade has passed and it is summed up with a diverse and wide collection of songs, just as it has always been and will remain.

Poaching shows once again that genres and boundaries are meant to be crossed and crossed. Where their shared skills as a band are boiled down into a whole that is loved by so many. The band's creative formula has worked so far and it will remain so as we turn the page and aim for the next ten years of Tjuvjakt.

Thuvjakt was started in 2012 and today consists of Olle Grafström, Arvid Lundquist, Kid Eriksson, Jesper Swärd and Fredrik "Woodz" Eriksson.

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