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The Wannadies broke through in the 90s as one of the main names in the Swedish indie wave. With songs like "My Hometown", "You and Me Song", "Shorty" and "Hit", the band reached far beyond the borders of their home country and enjoyed great success in Great Britain and Japan, among others. "You and Me Song" has appeared on both the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann's film Romeo + Juliet and in a long series of commercials. The hometown anthem "My Hometown" has been interpreted by such disparate artists as Annika Norlin and child star Oscar Stembridge.

In 2022, The Wannadies reunited for a series of acclaimed concerts culminating in a massive gig in front of thousands of fans at Gustav Adolfs Torg during the Stockholm Culture Festival. Was it a final farewell to the band that more than any other marked the Swedish indie wave of the 90s? Or a proof of their established status and thus a promise of a continuation?

In autumn 2023, the band's frontman Pär Wiksten will appear in Tv4's So much better. In 2024, their classic album "Be a Girl" (which includes "You and Me Song") turns 30 years old. Two reasons as good as any to answer with a resounding “Yes!” on the above question. The Wannadies will face the audience again. Because that's what it's all about, meeting the audience. More than reuniting. A band like The Wannadies cannot be split up in any way as they are as much a family as a band. In the last 20 years, they have mostly been the former. Now it's also a band again.

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