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The Tubs (UK) + support: Poetry

Pitchfork, Uncut and Mojo - they all lined up to pay tribute to The Tubs' debut album "Dead Meat", which was released in January 2023. After the reviewers' hype, it's finally time for the Swedish audience to see The Tubs. In February, the London-based, but Welsh, band will come to Sweden for the first time.

The Tubs were formed in 2018 by Owen Williams and George Nicholls - the two primary songwriters from the critically acclaimed pop group Joanna Gruesome. The rest of the band consists of members from Sniffany & The Nits and Ex-Vöid. Despite their different musical styles, they have joined forces and created their own and unique sound that permeates The Tubs. The band finds its inspiration from various genres and is constantly evolving, but you could say that the keywords for "the Tubular Sound" come from, among other things, Antipodean pop, contemporary post-punk and the band Cleaners from Venus jangle pop.


Noise and chaos – POETRY are four motley friends who make music against Malmö's scenery.

The concert is organized by FKP Scorpio

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