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The odyssey of thinking

The odyssey of thinking. Early modern history of ideas 1350–1600.

Erland Sellberg, professor emeritus of the history of ideas at Stockholm University, lectures on his book The Odyssey of Thinking. Early Modern History of Ideas 1350–1600 (2023).

During the period 1350–1600, Europe experienced a dramatic turning point when the view of man and the world changed. The Renaissance humanists reshaped culture, art and politics, and the European voyages of discovery expanded both space and thought. With gunpowder and the art of navigation, the foundations were laid for the Europeans' world dominance, but also for future major European wars. Finally, the Reformation and the art of printing blew up united Christendom, unleashing the "dangerous" ideas that would eventually lead to the Enlightenment and a modern science.

Organized in collaboration with Nordic Academic Press.
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