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"Super Secret Seeds" - Carl Fredrik Emrik

On Thursday, March 23, we open a new exhibition at gallery cozmo; "Super Secret Seeds" with Carl Fredrik Emrik.

In the exhibition at we meet an artistry that is characterized by a desire to experiment and an investigation of new and unexpected solutions. Carl's works are often graphic, sculptural and playful. They often consist of abstract figures and symbols, in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats.

Space plays an important role, and he often explores symmetry, repetition and contrasts. Here, Carl's architectural background shines through in the pursuit of creating balanced and harmonious compositions.

This is what Carl Fredrik Emrik says:
- Through my creation, I build up different kinds of worlds, which I see as ecosystems or families. The works in these worlds live in symbiosis with each other, and I am fascinated by uniting them and creating wholes. Dreams, childhood, togetherness, security and rebellion are some of the themes that recur in my art.

Thursday 21 March at 16 – 19 p.m ATTENTION! The artist is present this day!
Friday March 22 at 16 – 19 p.m

Saturday March 23 from 12 noon to 15 p.m

ATTENTION! Feel free to contact me to book a time other than the advertised opening hours!

The exhibition runs until April 27, 2024.

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  • Karl XII street 8B
  • gallery cozmo

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