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Stress detox

Do a real stress detox. During this workshop we do a few soft, slow yoga movements. Then we rest in various resting positions in an extended restorative yoga session. We finish with lovely long deep relaxation in the form of Yoga Nidra.

Restorative yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and is particularly good for those who are in periods of high stress, have suffered or are at risk of suffering from exhaustion syndrome or have difficulty unwinding. This form of yoga can rebuild cells, strengthen the immune system, increase blood circulation, give you better sleep and above all help you live sustainably. Unlike Yin yoga, you do not stretch muscles in maximum positions, but instead strive to find totally restful and relaxing positions for the body for the best possible reconstruction of your entire system.

We end the session with Yoga Nidra – a guided deep relaxation. Something that can release both physical and mental tension, and in the long run create greater security and confidence in yourself. After the session, you feel like you had a good night's sleep. You who are used to a fast pace may find it hard to relax at first, but don't give up, your body and mind will thank you. The pass is easy to perform and suitable for everyone!

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  • Hälsan's house in Lund
  • Urban Balance club
  • Price: 280 kr

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