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Great dialect show - by Fredrik Lindström

The hugely acclaimed presenter and language expert Fredrik Lindström is currently on tour in Sweden with "The Great Dialect Show - By and with Fredrik Lindström". Unique to the show is the specially written material for each location that Fredrik and his sidekick Helena Lindegren visit. The show dissects questions such as why dialects exist, why they sound the way they do and everything in between. The show was directed by Emma Peters and premiered in Falun in March. Dagens Nyheter wrote that it is "the funniest lesson of the year", Aftonbladet gave the show four pluses and Falu-Kuriren described Fredrik as "the country's funniest expert". On March 5 and 6, Fredrik Lindström will come to Lund's Stadsteater!

How many dialects are there actually in Sweden? Who decides what is a language and what is a dialect? Is it called kex or tjex? Do animals have dialects too? Fredrik Lindström is one of the country's most loved presenters and language experts. He has previously released the critically acclaimed book "100 Swedish Dialects" which came to be loved by the Swedes and became the starting point for the work on the "Great Dialect Show". During his years, he has come across countless questions about language in general and dialects in particular. Now he answers some of the questions in his new show!

- This is the first performance I am doing about language. I have noticed how interested people are in the subject and there are always a thousand questions about why there are dialects, why people speak differently and where different words and expressions come from. Now I finally get to do an audience performance on this theme, and also the opportunity to adapt the show to where we are! About a third of the performance is specially designed for the locality in question and focuses on the local dialect, says Fredrik.

In the "Great Dialect Show", the audience can immerse themselves in our Swedish dialects in an entertaining way. It's a funny, sketchy and fact-based show where the audience gets an overview of the big issues but also digs into their own dialects. Are they really whining in Västerås and are the citizens of Gothenburg so happy? Why do some people speak more dialect when they get angry or when they have sex? What is the country's most incomprehensible dialect? With him on stage, he has the actress Helena Lindegren, a sidekick who helps Fredrik visualize and illustrate the show.

- Helena is an absolutely perfect sidekick! She can sing, dance, dance and will lift the show to new heights, he says. She also has a lot of experience in improvisation and that's perfect, because every night will be different here. And of course she's a devil at imitating dialects!

The "Great Dialect Show" premiered at Magasinet in Falun on March 16 and will be played throughout 2024 and the spring of 2025 around the country.

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Dates, Times, Location

Wednesday 5 March 2025, at 20:00

In 282 days

Thursday 6 March 2025, at 20:00

In 283 days
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