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Game culture with Lund's game festival

Lund's Game Festival invites you to an evening of gaming culture. Games are bigger than ever! Carcassonne, Dungeons and dragons, Ticket to ride and many, many more are played regularly by more and more people.

Free entrance. No pre-registration.


17:00 Lund Games Festival informs about its activities

17:30 Nerd as in Community – Kodachicon

18:30 Lund and the Cthulhum myth

Nerd as in Community

What does a convention actually contain? How to make a cosplay? And what is it about conventions that brings all the geeks together? Right here in Lund, Kodachicon is held every spring - a convention that has lived a rich and happy life for almost 20 years. But what is it all about? Come and get a deep dive into the colorful world of the convention, where creativity, happiness and community play the biggest role of all – for everyone.

Lund and the Cthulhum myth

Daniel Graner lectures on how to create exciting role-playing adventures in Lund.

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  • Lund city library

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