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Summer Theatre: The Secret of the Night's Watchmen

The Secret of the Night's Watchmen - a magical and musical theater performance in the summer evening, for everyone from 7 years old! Played outdoors on three different playing fields in the middle of Kulturen's historic house, when the museum has closed for the day.

In a unique collaboration between Teater Sagohuset and Kulturen in Lund, we invite the audience to the fairytale town of Glimsta and its annual chronicle play The Secret of the Night's Watchmen. But the game does not go as planned and soon the audience has to accompany the night watchmen on a wild adventure. What exactly is the secret of the night watchmen? And how do you avoid the Mogul?

With 20 participating actors, musicians, dancers and singers on stage, we invite you to an unforgettable and dramatic summer theater at Kulturen in Lund.

The performance lasts approximately two hours, including a 20-minute intermission.

Game period 1: Friday 14 June, Saturday 15 June, Sunday 16 June and Tuesday 18 June.

Game period 2: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday during the period 16 July–10 August.

Practical information before the visit

- Admission via the Gröna gate (to the left of the regular entrance) from 17.45 p.m.

- The performance starts at 18.00 and lasts about two hours, with a break of 20 minutes.

- The audience can come along to three different playgrounds in the museum park, where there are simple seats.

- ATTENTION! One of the scenes is played inside Bosebo church. Unfortunately we cannot take in wheelchairs, walkers and prams due to fire safety regulations.

- The performance is played outdoors, so dress according to the weather. Please wear comfortable shoes.

- You are welcome to bring your own coffee/picnic to the break. There are some benches to sit on in the museum park, but feel free to bring your own blanket. No food or drink is sold on site.

- Toilets are in the Lord's House and next to the playground.

- Only assistance dogs are allowed in the area. These dogs must be vaccinated and wear a vest.

Advance ticket purchase

Ticket prices: SEK 150 for adults, SEK 100 for visitors aged 0–18.

Pre-sale only, no on-site sales!

Limited number of seats, maximum 120 per performance.

Should the performance have to be canceled for any reason, the ticket price will be refunded, and the audience will be notified via email.

Dates, Times, Location

Friday 14 June 2024, at 18:00

In 18 days

Saturday, June 15, 2024, at 16:00 p.m

In 19 days

Sunday 16 June 2024, at 16:00

In 20 days

Tuesday 18 June 2024, at 16:00

In 22 days

Tuesday 16 July 2024, at 18:00

In 50 days

Wednesday 17 July 2024, at 18:00

In 51 days

Friday 19 July 2024, at 18:00

In 53 days

Saturday 20 July 2024, at 18:00

In 54 days

Tuesday 23 July 2024, at 18:00

In 57 days

Wednesday 24 July 2024, at 18:00

In 58 days

Friday 26 July 2024, at 18:00

In 60 days

Saturday 27 July 2024, at 18:00

In 61 days

Tuesday 30 July 2024, at 18:00

In 64 days

Wednesday 31 July 2024, at 18:00

In 65 days

Friday 2 August 2024, at 18:00

In 67 days

Saturday 3 August 2024, at 18:00

In 68 days

Tuesday 6 August 2024, at 18:00

In 71 days

Wednesday 7 August 2024, at 18:00

In 72 days

Friday 9 August 2024, at 18:00

In 74 days

Saturday 10 August 2024, at 18:00

In 75 days
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