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Smash Into Pieces

Embark on a thrill-filled journey with the cinematic rock sensation Smash into Pieces!

Since releasing the acclaimed album "Rise and Shine", Smash into Pieces has become an established part of the international rock community. Led by the mysterious and apocalyptic drummer APOC, they deliver music that redefines the boundaries of cinematic rock. Get ready to be swept up in their magnetic presence and become part of their ever-growing global community!

SMASH are recognized not only for their futuristic and apocalyptic image, but also for their cinematic mini-series 'ARCADIA WORLD' set inside a parallel virtual reality that has collectively reached over 50 million views on Youtube. This combined with their mysterious live performances is what makes SMASH SMASH! As one reviewer described their recent London performance: "Experiencing SMASH live is just like being caught up in the middle of a digital cybertronic circus, listening to the whole crowd singing along just as if they'd been hypnotized."

Smash into Pieces' meteoric career reached new heights with a third place in Melodifestivalen and the hit song "Six feet under" sold platinum in Sweden within just twelve weeks - while being played extensively on Swedish radio stations. Now the band is ready to embark on the next chapter in their epic story and build on the ARCADIA universe. In the fall of 2023, they set out on an extensive European tour, and then return home to Sweden - and in February you have the chance to see them live at Mejeriet in Lund!

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