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The path of horror - The Scanian murders

Who does not remember the rugged TV series Scanian murders. But where did the murders actually happen? This guided bus tour goes to the locations of three of the most famous falls in Hurva, Veberöd and Esarp. You will hear what happened, in the place where it happened, but we also tell many other anecdotes from Scanian history along the way.

Collection: in front of Lund's cathedral

Length: the trip takes about 4 hours 30 minutes

Ingestion: Lunch and coffee at Hurva Gästis are included in the ticket price. If you need a special diet, see more info on the ticket link.

Guide: Jacques Schultze

Recommended age: 13 years and up

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Unfortunately, the bus tour is not wheelchair accessible.


Buy tickets at or by calling Visit Lund on 046-131415 Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 14pm. You can also go directly to the box office at Lund's Stadsteater and buy tickets.
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Sunday 16 June 2024, at 11:00

In 20 days
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