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Shirley Valentine with Maria Lundqvist


Now "Shirley Valentine", in Maria Lundqvist's ingenious portrayal, returns! Over 100 have already enjoyed Shirley's longing, now more will have the opportunity to love her journey!

"When I was asked to play Shirley again, I was overjoyed and my whole body started to tingle. There are few roles I've done over the years that have gripped me the way Shirley did. She has made me both laugh and cry, but above all she has made me dare to see my own life as something that feels good from change. I love Shirley's yearning and her tragicomic attempts to dare to be lovers in life. For me, "Shirley Valentine" is a journey in unimaginable acting challenge together with incomparable pleasure, says Maria Lundqvist"

Shirley Valentine is a heartbreaking comedy about daring to challenge your fears and throw yourself into life anew. When we meet her, her children have moved away from home, she lives in a loveless relationship and, as usual, she stands alone in her kitchen, cooking, while she talks to the wall. Life didn't turn out exactly as she imagined.

Suddenly, her friend Jane invites her on a holiday trip to a Greek island paradise. Should she dare to pack her bag? Should she dare to defy her fears and for the first time see the world, and herself, in a completely new light?

In the spring of 2024, on May 8, one of the most exciting and wonderful feel-good performances of all time will finally come to Lund's Stadsteater! Bring your friends and family to "Shirley Valentine", a poignant and wonderfully funny play, written by Willy Russell. The multiple award-winning actress Maria Lundqvist takes you carefully and boldly through this performance in the role of Shirley Valentine, in a well-composed and stylish direction by Edward Af Sillén.

Maria Lundqvist glows in Shirley Valentine!

From the first moment, Maria Lundqvist has full audience contact and brings home cascades of applause.
Dagens Nyheter

Maria Lundqvist gives a phenomenal solo performance.

Maria Lundqvist delivers magnificent acting with a timing that would make any stand-up comedian green with envy.
The culture blog

The viewer just needs to sit back and enjoy.

This smells like a long drive. And onions.
Aftonbladet 4 plus out of 5 plus'

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The show is produced by Audere Vivere AB.

Theater publisher: Nordiska ApS –

Screenplay: Willy Russell

Director & Swedish translation: Edward Af Sillén

Scenography: Lars Östbergh

Lighting: Mikael Kratt

Producer: Maria Lundqvist

Project manager: Kristoffer Hellström

Length: 2 h 45 min incl. 25 min break

Dates, Times, Location

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  • Lund's City Theatre
  • Audere Vivere AB
  • Price: 695 kr

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