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Seinabo Sey

With the latest album 'THE ONE AFTER ME' behind her, Seinabo Sey sets out on an extensive tour through Scandinavia in the spring of 2024. The tour will be her first headline tour in five years.

Seinabo Sey's breakthrough was as immediate as it was inevitable. The depth, warmth and poise in her voice, which is as powerful as it is vulnerable, and the text lines that effectively found their way under the skin catapulted the artist to heights that few Swedish artists have ever experienced. But it quickly became clear that Seinabo had no intention of repeating himself – that the Swedish-Gambian star had completely different intentions than satisfying the music industry's sometimes rigid expectations. Instead, she has patiently allowed her artistry to develop and even today, Seinabo Sey rules like a queen over her equally inspired and original musical universe.

The debut 'Pretend' from 2015, where we find songs like 'Younger' and 'Hard Times', turned Seinabo Sey into one of our most brilliant international stars. But when the first, stunning single 'I Owe You Nothing' was released, it was clear that 2018's follow-up 'I'm A Dream' would be something completely different. 'I'm A Dream' was more confident, mature and confrontational without losing an ounce of the vibrant soulfulness we've come to associate with Seinabo Sey. Earlier this year it was time for the third album 'THE ONE AFTER ME' - according to many her best so far. It's brave, impactful and imbued with a liberating sense of freedom as the artist plays with teenage R&B, Swedish folk music and unexpected productions.

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