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Seegerwood Tour – Doug Seegers & Eva Eastwood

Country legend Doug Seegers and rockabilly queen Eva Eastwood collaborate on a new album and big Sweden tour!

In a unique collaboration, Guppy Entertainment, in collaboration with MTA Produktion, presents an irresistible musical journey with Doug Seegers and Eva Eastwood. In the fall of 2024, they will release an album and embark on an extensive tour around Sweden.

Doug Seegers poignant songs and genuine stories have touched millions of hearts worldwide. After a rough start in life, where he was homeless until 2014, his career took off after being discovered by Jill Johnson. Since then, he has won the hearts of audiences with his traditional country music and honest storytelling.

Eva Eastwood is an icon within Swedish rockabilly and has a long and successful career behind him. She has become known for her energy, expressive voice and unique musical style.

The collaboration between Seegers and Eastwood came about through a mutual respect and admiration for each other's music. The album, which will be released by Ninetone Records in the fall of 2024, offers an irresistible mix of country soulfulness and rockabilly energy. The duo's unique voices fuse together in gripping duets and swinging rockabilly, and the result is a musical journey that takes you from the back streets of Nashville to Sweden's 50s dance floors.

I am so happy to collaborate with Eva on this album. Her energy and talent is inspiring, and I think we've created something really special. - Doug Seegers

Working with Doug has been a pure joy. He is a true legend, and his passion for music is infectious. I can't bring myself to share this album with the world. - Eva Eastwood

An unexpected friendship with musical magic.

Buy tickets at or by calling Visit Lund on 046-131415 Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 14pm.

You can also buy tickets over the counter at the box office at Lund's Stadsteater. For opening hours see

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Friday, October 18, 2024, at 19:30 a.m

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