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True True Me

Our musical trios take on Rasmus Lindberg's drama as their theater immersion.

Sanna feels trapped in the conservative free church society to which her parents belong. She is stuck in a world of abuse and loneliness but finally manages to find someone who understands her "true self".
How much are you influenced by others?
And what does it take to go your own way?

Tue 12/12 & Wed 13/12 at 18.00
Scenhuset in Lund, Kiliansgatan 9

Ticket sales from November in the Teatercaféet, Magle Lilla Kyrkogatan 1B in Lund at 9-10.45 a.m. and 13.30-15.00 p.m.
Adults: SEK 100
Children (up to 19 years) and former students: SEK 50

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  • Kiliansgatan 9
  • Lund's dance and music high school

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